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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GREAT CONCERT - Carina Round and Puscifer

Maynard, lead singer of the band Tool and accompanying artists from A Perfect Circle form the band known as Puscifer. THEY ROCKED THE HOUSE at the Gusman theater in Miami, FL on Tuesday, June 12th. It was an amazing and intimate show, very interesting set up. The lovely and talented Carina Round opened the show with her amazing voice, so beautiful and powerful, chilling really. She actually gave me goose bumps hitting her high notes. Truly unique and quite the comedian! She stopped between sets to say a few words to the audience.

"Mmmm triple moca late" she said as she reached down to sip from her plastic, non earth friendly cup. Then a long pause..... "With whiskey in it!"

She gave us a few loud belches in the mic after sipping in between sets. Crude yet still adorable! 

She also asked the audience to sing along with one of her songs and gave us instruction demonstrating humming the tune. Can't remember the exact song at the moment but I do remember she said....

"Tampa sucked a bag of dicks, a bag of tiny dicks" as they were not too receptive and a weak audience. 

Carina kicked ass in her Red 50's style dress and pink heels! Loved it! She also joined in singing along with Maynard when it came time for the grand show, PUSCIFER! Maynard was incredible and nearly drowned Carina out with his powerful vocals in some of the songs, truly amazing live performance! Before the Puscifer show began we watched a comic short featuring Maynard in disguise as a hillbilly along with other hillbilly casts... perhaps the band members, not recognized. The theme was Arizona border patrol and American stupidity. One the screen saver, after the comic short, the display phrase was Arizona border patrol, "We put the panic in Hispanic!" 

Maynard wore a hillbilly getup for his performance, long coat, cowboy hat and shades. He also set up the entire stage by dragging out a portable camper trailer and with the help of Carina, set up some fold out camping tables, chairs and bbq grill with fake blowing flames. The also had a life size cut out of a hillybilly red neck and a Pocahontas Indian looking woman. Maynard talked about human nature from the beginning of time and had some interesting deep comments which is hard for me to remember as quoted. There was NO recording, camera's or cell phones allowed, strictly enforced as usual with Maynard! Maynard opened a couple bottles of his wine (he has his own wine company), surely it was his own brand, and poured some for himself and his band mates. 

They began to play and ROCKED IT! Colorful flashing lights and a trippy digital backdrop illuminated the stage. Carina danced tribal like squatting down low with arms waiving in the air and kicking up her leg a few times like a METAL cheerleader when singing into the mic. Maynard did his trippy dance thing as well and the other band members rocked out. Bad ass drummer I must say.... had me slapping on my legs along with the beat. The entire band kicked ass! I'd definitely see them again and highly recommend to all!

PS. Sorry for any typo's, etc. and lack of info... It's after midnight now and I'm sleepy! GOOD NIGHT WISCONSIN!