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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

POEM by Matt: Get the girl, Get the job, Get the life

There's a PH scale of confidence
But instead of 0 to 14, neutral being 7
Its -2 to 2
-2 Uninterested, you're not even there
-1 Nervous, the person at the bar on their touch screen
0 Just there, the person giving glimpses of eye contact
+1 Comfortable, meeting new people and noticeable
+2 Confident, star of the show; on your game and most fun
Great things usually happen when you're confident
The most beautiful girl I've kissed was when I was a +2
The best shows I perform are when I'm at a +2
The poems that touch my own heart are when I'm at a +2
One life to live gorgeous...
Dare to be confident

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