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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CHARITY: Happy Hearts Fund - Celebration of Progress

The month of November was full of excitement and progress at Happy Hearts Fund. We began the month hard at work planning and executing our very special annual Land of Dreams gala and ended it with joy as we saw the results of our efforts and your incredible support at yet another school opening. 

Here are just a few exciting results of the gala: 
* More than $2.3 million raised that will be leverage by IDB in Haiti and ING in Latin America to provide students with brighter futures
* 11 schools auctioned for rebuilding - and the success of the evening will allow for many more schools to be built
* Over 300 deserving boys and girls treated to our afternoon family hours

Land of Dreams: Haiti, Showcasing Haiti's Treasures
On November 5th, we hosted the Happy Hearts Fund Land of Dreams: Haiti event, transporting guests into one of the countries we support without having to leave New York. Guests experienced Haitian culture through participating in exhibits that brought them to the Iron Market, Cap Haitian Beaches, La Citadelle, Tortuga, an Art Festival, and gave them the opportunity to learn about the educational limitations following a natural disaster through the viewing of a temporary school structure. 
 Feet of Rhythm Dance Troupe performs traditional Haitian dances for the guests.
Remarkable Program
Guests sat in awe during Josh Groban's captivating opening performance. We were honored to be addressed by President of the Republic of Haiti Michel Martelly, First Lady of the Republic of Haiti Sophia Martelly, and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) President Luis Alberto Moreno. President Martelly greeted the guests through a special recorded message and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Inter-Development Bank, Julie Katzman, personally greeted the guests on behalf of Mr. Moreno. Ms. Renee Haugerud, Founder and CIO of Galtere Ltd., was honored for her philanthropic work and received the Happy Hearts Fund Heart of Gold Award while Sean Penn, Founder and CEO of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, received the Happy Hearts Fund Lifetime Achievement Award for his humanitarian efforts in bringing hope, light and empowerment to the survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  
 Josh Groban woos the crowd with his opening number.
The evening was full of opportunities for HHF supporters and their families to experience these same Haitian destinations while connecting firsthand with the mission and accomplishments of the foundation. Together, friends and families discovered the simple yet remarkable blueprint that HHF has implemented to help children who have survived disasters.  The night was a celebration of the Haitian culture and inspired everyone in the room to lift Haiti up and continue to bring progress and hope to the country. The joy filled the air as everyone jumped to their feet to dance together on stage during Wyclef Jean's thrilling closing performance.  
 Wyclef performs an energizing and uplifting set as the Haitian flag waves over the crowd.
The Afternoon Children's Event
During the special Children's Dream Hours earlier in the day, underprivileged NYC area school children were able to experience the same exhibits highlighting Haiti's culture that were present at the evening event. They delighted in getting their faces painted, sampling mangoes, and meeting our talking parrot while learning all about Haiti and its rich culture.
Children meet the talking parrot as they walk around the Haitian experiences.
Celebrations in Indonesia
At the closing of the month we traveled to the other side of the globe to share in another celebration - the opening of the TK Pelita Hati Kindergarten in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The previous school was destroyed in a devastating earthquake on September 26, 2009. Thanks to the generosity of Chaz Dean and his family, we are very happy to report that the more than 146 students who were affected by the disaster now have a safe new building to continue their education and a playground to enjoy as well.

chaz dean
Chaz Dean joins the students of TK Pelita Hati as their new kindergarten is opened.
A special thank you to the many volunteers and supporters who made the happenings in November such a wonderful success for all to enjoy. Your selfless hearts have paved the way for many more children to have a strong future. 

HHF receives specific donations to underwrite all administrative and fundraising expenses, allowing all public donations to support our programs.

HHF is extremely grateful to our corporate partners - Continental Airlines, DLA Piper, HP and ING - for their philanthropic commitment to help build a future for children affected by natural disasters.
HHF is committed to help accomplish the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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