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Sunday, December 11, 2011

WRITINGS: FACEBOOK, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

There was a time the only way to get to know a person was face to face interaction, gathering information from all those subtleties such as facial expressions, demeanor, idiosyncrasies, etc. In the new age social networking we get an edited version of our pseudo friends, but how about all those unintentional little give always. I noticed a lot of braggarts, they boast at every given opportunity and every post include words like I, ME and MY. They just have to many flattering pics of themselves, have you ever noticed theses people have hundreds of friends! How can friendship be divided into so many pieces?

Has the word friendship taken on a new meaning? And whats with those profile pics? Some of inanimate objects or animals.... ? and some when they where 80 pounds thinner and 20 years younger?  Do they suffer from such shyness or such low self esteem they dare not use picture of themselves? And then there are those that are darn right nasty! I don't want to see your porn or your dirty jokes or your slutty girl friends posted on your wall or run through the news feeds...

And  there's  the opportunistic. Buy my stuff! Its the best! You want it, You'll need it! You'll like it! (isn't that what friends are for? You are my friend aren't you?).

Oh and let's not forget the most opportunistic of all, those cheating men, how convenient it must be to edit your profile for a particular audience. My wife sees this and my girlfriend sees that and everyone else sees something else. Because on Facebook you can be anyone you want to be.Wow what a cheater and liars paradise!

And what's up with un-friending? There was a time a dialogue took place before deciding to end a friendship or at least you kind of knew why. Now if your upset with a friend or family member you can un-friend and they just disappear in an instant like some kind of cyber execution. What if my friend request gets refused by a loved one? That would hurt! or a casual friend, ouch how embarrassing.
Hmmm I'm not so sure I like  Facebook, I don't think social networking will ever take the place of those beautiful scented handwritten love letters with lip stick kisses and pressed flowers that you keep in your top drawer forever. Doesn't that sound nice! people really did use to do that. Although  I do like sharing pics with family and friends on Facebook, and it is nice for long distance relationships! And of course there are a few normal honest people left in the world isn't there?

Written by: Annette 

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