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Friday, May 27, 2011

WRITINGS: Phone has it's own mind!

For the record I must start by letting you know that what I am going to tell you has been by FAR the worst emotionally disturbing phone oops I’ve ever experienced….So confidentiality is asked of you LOL to pleeeease not repeat this story to anyone that knows me lol. That being said I’ll continue on..

About 2 months ago I made a trip to Chicago to see my brother and assist him with the movers since he had just gotten promoted and was on his way to San Francisco. I stayed with him for a week and was finally done with the exhausting move coordination and was ready for RELAXATION. My weekend was to be a relaxing, spa like experience at my brother’s partners house. It’s the quaintest little suburb that I’ve been to so far and extremely relaxing as a get-away for those who neeeed to “get-away”.  Johnny set me up in his master bedroom which he likes to keep sooo country in style and it was the best sleep I had alllll week. I was kept company by their terrier princess named Scarlet (she’s on my friend list on facebook). When I woke the next morning she was all passed out next to me and I decided to take her picture with my phone and send it to my brother…I titled it “Sleeping Beauty” and pressed send on my phone. I get a text back with a response of “that’s so gross”. I kinda was perplexed about his response and went back to the picture text that I sent him…. To my HORROR my “dysfunctional phone” sent my brother a VERY different photo…not very tasteful AND not meant for his eyes to EVER SEE! My “dysfunctional phone” sent him a nudie picture of me that I had sent a friend earlier instead of the one of Scarlett!! To top it off..I was laying down on the bed which of course matches with the title I wrote him..Sleeping Beauty (lol)…about HIS dog LOL.

We laugh about it now…but ooooh I was sooooo emotionally distraught and disgusted the MOMENT I saw what I sent He kids with me and accuses me of sending him “Sister Porn” EEEWWWW!!! Soooo that’s my “dysfunctional phone” experience that I HAD to share with you LOL!

 By Anonymous


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